Selecting and Assessing Talent

Selecting and Assessing Talent

Making Hiring Work

Why is Hiring Right So Difficult?

Hiring and keeping the right employees is critical to the success of any organization. Trying to predict human behavior is both an art and science. Yet, most organizations hire by interviewing, reviewing resumes, and receiving references. The problem is that these actions uncover only a small degree of the “true person.”

What Causes the Frustration of Making the Wrong Hires?

The objective is like the answering the question, “what sank the Titanic?” The answer is not the part of the iceberg on the surface of the ocean, but the iceberg that was below the surface that lacerated the “unsinkable hull.”

Like hiring, the things that cause a high potential new employee to become an “employee nightmare” are those personality characteristics that were not visible during the interviews, resume review, or reference checks.

The Solution

The Heller Group as a strategic partner to Profiles International uses proprietary tools that are designed to identify the “unseen” personality characteristics. The tools create benchmarks of the ideal candidate and then measure each candidate against those standards.

The tools also provide suggestions and recommendations for the hiring manager to successfully on-board the new employee. The first 90 days of a new hire are the most critical for long term success in any organization.

The Financial Payoff

The proprietary tools are inexpensive in comparison to the high cost of firing an employee. Statistically, it takes between 1.5-3.5 times a salary to replace an employee or manager. The return on investment for the tools is miniscule compared to the amount of real dollars saved.