Senior Executive Coaching

Senior Executive Coaching


Leadership is a stellar mix of right behaviors, appropriate skills, and quick thinking that is constantly being tested. This requires ongoing self-reflection, constructive feedback, and life-long learning skills. The Heller Group has developed a proven process for training executives to become successful and goal – oriented.

Qualities that define a successful executive:

  • They stand out and add value
  • They create exceptionally loyal followers within a company
  • They possess the ability to thrive on challenges
  • They have the character strength to successfully deliver results

The Executive Coaching process includes:

  • An initial consultation to identify one’s preliminary coaching goals and objectives.
  • A comprehensive assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • An initial plan that outlines the personalized coaching process.
  • Coaching conversations, which will be conducted throughout the engagement.(The timeline for coaching will vary depending on the identified coaching goals: usually between 3 months and 12 months).
  • Leadership assessments that gain focused information about a person’s thinking, behavior, and passions.
  • We gather feedback and insights from a leader’s peers, superiors, and team.
  • A written “map” that identifies the behaviors to become an elite leader.
  • Multiple coaching conversations for accountability, responsibility, and visibility.
  • A final assessment to determine that one’s goal has been accomplished.