Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Making Strategic Planning Work

Why Create a Plan?

There is a saying that “the only companies that do not need a strategic plan are those that are planning to fail.”

Since business owners and executives are dedicated to success, they need a plan. However, the process of planning takes discipline, analytical thinking, creative ideas, and focus. The strategic planning process is the method to convert the discipline, analysis, thinking, creativity, and focus into a coherent “blue print” for ongoing success.

The Value of a Strategic Plan

Considerable energy is expended each day in organizations that does not lead to profitable productivity. The result is wasted energy, time, and therefore money. Thinking leading to action requires structure and a blueprint. Professional sports team never go into a game with a strategic plan where each situation has a identified play. Any business, like professional sports team, needs to have a well thought out plan to win over each opponent.

A Unique Process

The Heller Group has developed a unique process to help executive teams create a viable, productive, and successful strategic plan. The unique process is designed with best practices in innovative thinking, creative brainstorming, and practical business applications. The result is a plan that includes the “best thinking” along with an implementation plan to assure success.