Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Dr. Heller is an experienced speaker and workshop leader. Some of this previous presentations are detailed here:

National Association of Human Resource Professionals, Professional in Human Resources Association

This presentation and workshop identifies valuable executives who may be causing more harm than good; provides an option for whether to fire them or keep them in their roles; and in doing so, demonstrates how companies can save 1.5 X 3 X for compensation in salary to that executive who is dismissed.

This presentation identifies tools and techniques to increase political effectiveness and to gain influence and promotion in an organization.

This workshop helps participants reduce negative stress while increasing positive stress to become more productive and effective in their work and personal lives.

This workshop provides participants with the tools and techniques to effectively manage accelerated change in the work environment.

This workshop assesses team dynamics and provides/facilitates increased team cohesiveness and effectiveness in achieving identified goals.

This workshop shares information on how to become more influential by understanding political dynamics unique to the legal profession.

This workshop helps individuals assess one’s current executive brand and to redesign one’s personal brand to meet career and organizational objectives.

This workshop promotes strategies and techniques to increase successful hiring and reduce the high cost of a bad hire.

This workshop helps participants build skills to be more effective leaders.

This workshop teaches participants techniques and problem-solving skills using process improvement tools and techniques to save money and time.

This workshop teaches the fundamental of managing teams and individuals through the corporate life cycle.

This six hour course teaches process improvement tools to evaluate and improve core efficiencies to save money and time.