"When a valuable executive is causing more harm than good,
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An Innovative Approach

Using an innovative approach with executive coaching that combines best practices from the disciplines of executive leadership, business and psychology, Dr. Heller can resolve difficult situations with top executives and leaders. Over the years, he has a long track record of helping those with personality disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, and other crises ease through difficult transitions. If, however, no solution can be reached, Dr. Heller can help the individual in question make the appropriate transition so that a sense of peace and productivity is restored to the company.

The Heller Group helps break the blockage that costs companies time and money. By facilitating change within an organization, companies often experience:

  • Increased

  • Innovative

  • Aligned leadership
    and staff

  • Improved employee

  • Higher

  • Smoother

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The Heller Group's clients come from: High Tech, Medical Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Defense Contracting, Entertainment & Media, Financial Services, Higher Education, Manufacturing and Professional Service Firms.

The Heller Group Provides

  • Accelerated Executive Coachingthat Leads to Faster Promotion

  • Onboarding for Success to Expedite Seasoned Executives' Effectiveness in Their New Roles

  • Talent Assessment Strategies that Improve the Probability of New Hires

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