Senior Team Effectiveness

Senior Team Effectiveness

Building Productive Executive Teams

Why is the Right Team Critical?

Being a success in business requires a team. Winning teams require the right people in the right positions to solve the right problems. Making all the elements come together in a cohesive, focused, and productive team is complex. As in sports, you need to have talent that works together to create the synergy required for organizational success.

The Deeper Challenge

Talent comes with a certain personality. A personality that is results oriented, analytical, and driven. When you congregate talent there is the risk of egos clashing, turf wars, and inner team politics. The results are a team that is either dysfunctional or simply non-productive.

What is the Solution?

The Heller Group has extensive experience overcoming the challenges inherent in dysfunctional and non-productive teams. The Heller Group coaches senior executives to assess the best talent, transition from a group to a team, and then help the team form, storm, norm, and perform.

The results are a team that is focused on making the executive leader and the organization more successful and profitable.