Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Making Conflict Work! Turning Conflict into Collaboration

The Dangers of Unresolved Conflict

Unresolved conflict can become a “cancer” to a team or organization. When disagreements escalate, people become frustrated, angry, and at times bitter. People then retreat instead of resolving the conflict. As a result, morale deteriorates, productivity stalls, and profitability suffers.

Signs of Unresolved Conflicts

  • Do you enter your business and experience “heaviness” in the air?
  • Are people working without talking, with their heads down, but unengaged?
  • Are your meetings consumed with bickering, name calling, and “attack-defend” interchanges?

If any of these resonate, your organization has unresolved conflicts.

How Does The Heller Group Help Resolve Conflicts?

According to Dr. Heller, there are two objectives when solving conflict. One is to “expose the conflict to air”, allowing people to give voice to the conflict while expressing the attached intense emotions. The second objective is coaching “best practice” conflict resolution tools. The result is that the initial conflict is resolved and future conflict leads to collaboration.

You and your organization do not need to continue suffering from unresolved conflict. The Heller Group has helped executive teams, executives, and business partners resolve challenging conflicts. You too, can turn your conflict into collaboration.